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The Kramer Proseeder is the vegetable drill. It’s been developed to achieve one thing in mind and that’s a perfect start for your vegetables. The Proseeder is from Gaspardo and can be used for very fine seeds, it can sew up to four million seeds per hectare. At Kramer our vision is to help you get a perfect start, using our knowledge and years of experience we have developed a Proseeder that can be used in many sorts of vegetables, our Proseeder is also suitable for sewing trail plots. Using our know how we can advise you on all the aspects of sewing vegetables, from amount of seed to seed depth, etc. etc.

The new serial Proseeder Single and Proseeder Double vegetable drill have a up to date seed unit with a 220 mm seed disc. This result is a very accurate planting. An exact distance because the seeds are putted fixed in the soil.

Click here for the flyer of the ProSeeder (.pdf)The Kramer Proseeder Single and the Kramer Proseeder double vegetable drills have a step less changeable big range in planting depth.
The seed coulter can be exchanged for 3 different openers, 8, 15 and 25 cm. to make it possible to put the seeds in the only right way in the seed furrow.. The seeding unit can be executed in different executions, to make any system , distance possible.

Click here on the icon on left side to download the leaflet Kramer Proseeder in English in PDF format (6Mb).


Kramer Proseeder HS

The vegetable precision seeder is a budget machine, suitable for all kinds of vegetables.

Klik voor de folder van de ProSeeder HS (.pdf)By mounting several elements in a frame, the machine can also be used by small Wheel tractors.

Farmers use this machine for small plots, variety testing fields, or  profeesional use on small farms.

For more information, please contact our Sales team, or download our leaflet on the image on the left.

ProSeeder Single

ProSeeder Double

ProSeeder HS