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The showpiece among vegetable seeders is without a doubt the Kramer ProSeeder. A seeder developed with only 1 goal in mind: a perfect start of the crop. The Kramer ProSeeder is a seeder from Gaspardo for working with fine seeds, up to over four million seeds per hectare. At Kramer, we have the vision, knowledge and experience to optimize seeders for different vegetables and applications such as trial fields, for example. And we also use our know-how to advise on, for example, seeding depth, seeding distance, amount of seeds per hectare, number of rows, the right seeding coulter, seeding trench accretion, pressure weight etc.

The new series of ProSeeder SingleProSeeder Double vegetable seeders have an up-to-date seed housing with a 220 mm seed disc, giving you very accurate deposition of seeds to the ground.

With the ProSeeder Single – ProSeeder Double seeding machines it is possible to set different seeding depths. The front piece of the coulter can be interchanged with 3 different pre-openings, 8, 15 and 25 mm to place the seeds correctly in the sowing ear. The seeding body can be made in different ways. This makes it possible to use the right components for each seeding method.

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Kramer ProSeeder HS

The Kramer Proseeder HS is a manually operated mechanical vegetable seeder, which can be used for many applications. The machine excels in simplicity and distinguishes itself by an enormous precision in seeding distance.

The seeder can be used for sowing small plots at biodynamic farms, sowing vegetables in greenhouses or outdoor vegetables, repairing sowing errors. Unique to the machine is that there is a matching sowing disc for each type of seed, so it can be used multifunctionally.

The machine is also widely used for seeding trial fields because it is easy to transport in the car.

For small wheel tractors it is possible to hang several elements in a frame. So for little money you have an excellent seeder.

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ProSeeder Single – ProSeeder Double brochure

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